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Support for the Community

01 November 2017

As a Trust Port, Lymington Harbour is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and any financial surplus is reinvested back into the development of the harbour for the benefit of its users and local community. Each year the Harbour Commissioners also support a small number of local charitable or community initiatives. Details for 2017 are shown below.


Lymington Sailability

Lymington Sailability has taken delivery of a wheelchair accessible Coulam 20 Wheelyboat which was funded through local donations and through a contribution by the Wheelyboat Trust. The new boat will provide a unique facility for disabled people in the Solent and surrounding areas and can accommodate up to ten adults including six wheelchairs with roll on roll off access.

Lymington Sailability is a registered charity which organises and provides opportunity for sailing and powerboat activities for people of any age who have a disability.

Lymington Harbour Commissioners are delighted to support Lymington Sailability through the provision of a free mooring for the new Wheelyboat. Harbour Master Ryan Willegers said Lymington Sailability have been providing the opportunity for people who have a disability to get on the water for over two decades and I have seen at first hand the enjoyment these experiences bring. The new Wheelyboat will open up the opportunity to even more people and the Commissioners are pleased to support Lymington Sailability through the provision of a free mooring”

Lymington Sailability Chairman Alison Gunn said “it’s fantastic that the Commissioners are supporting us through the generous provision of a mooring. The new boat will add a whole new dimension to the boating experiences we can offer and we anticipate a significant increase in participation”

For further information on Lymington Sailability, please visit

Ocean Brothers


Jude and Greg Massey, as team Ocean Brothers, will set off in January 2018 to row across the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for the British Skin Foundation. The local brothers late father and stepfather passed away in August 2015 when Jude was 16 after an arduous 16 year long battle with skin cancer.One year following his death the brothers made a decision to cross the second largest ocean in the world to raise vital funds for skin cancer research.

Lymington Harbour Commissioners are pleased to support their attempt through the provision of free use of the slipway to launch and recover their boat during their training preparations.
Greg Massey said “We, Ocean Brothers, feel honoured to have the support of the Lymington Harbour Commissioners. This enables us to have easy access to our local training waters and the ability to keep our ocean rowing boat safely moored up during overnight periods. Thank you Lymington Harbour Commissioners, with your help we are one step closer to raising £100,000 for the British Skin Foundation in memory of our father/stepfather who passed away from skin cancer.”

For further information please visit www.oceanbrothers.co.uk

Junior Regatta

In August, Lymington Harbour Commissioners continued their support of the Junior Regatta week through the provision of walk ashore berthing facilities on our ‘Dan Bran’ pontoon. Run by Royal Lymington Yacht Club, this annual community sailing regatta is open to 8 to 18 year olds from the local area.

Event organiser Shireen Crowe said we are indebted to LHC for allowing us to put the cost of mooring on Dan Bran towards on the water support for the youngsters. This for many is the first time they have been in real racing conditions and having extra coaches on the water helped them through the challenge. It was a joy to see them grow in confidence."

Emergency Defibrillator

In August, the Commissioners successfully applied for a grant from the British Heart Foundation towards cost of purchasing an emergency defibrillator machine. To qualify for the grant the Commissioners made a mandatory contribution of £500.

This initiative was put forward by our Treasurer, Frances who undertook all of the work associated with the grant application.

The defibrillator is located on the wall near the entrance to the Harbour Office and is accessible to the public 24/7. If you suspect someone has suffered a heart attack, the device is designed to be operated without any training by following the voice instructions provided. The device will automatically make a diagnosis and determine whether to apply shock treatment or not. It will also provide guidance on how to give CPR if required.

To access, just follow the instructions on the cabinet door and remember to call 999!

To view a simulation video of how to operate please click HERE

Support for the Community