VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

Harbour Breakwater Works

29 October 2014

Notice is hereby given that works to construct a second rock breakwater to the north east of the ‘Enticott’ starboard navigation mark and outside of the designated navigable channel have ended. The new breakwater works footprint is defined by the following WGS84 co-ordinates:-

Latitude Longitude
50°45.031´N 001°30.942´W
50°45.030´N 001°30.925´W
50°44.955´N 001°31.041´W
50°44.967´N 001°31.058´W

The location and extent of the structure is shown on the plan below. The part of the structure that will at times be submerged is shown by red hatching. The extent of the ‘footprint’ of the structure is marked by vertical posts each supporting a yellow buoy (special mark).


The south west ‘head’ of the breakwater nearest the navigation channel is marked with a beacon displaying two fixed green lights vertically disposed. The new beacon is located at the following

WGS84 co-ordinates:-
Latitude: 050⁰ 44.958′ N Longitude: 001⁰ 31.055′ W (corrected location).

Mariners are advised that during every tide cycle parts of the structure will be submerged. When rounding the breakwater mariners must remain outside of a line between the special marks and keep west of the lit navigation beacon. Under no circumstances should any attempt be made to round the structure between its northern most point and the saltmarsh.

This Notice to Mariners supersedes LNTM No 6 (amendment 1) of 2014 with immediate effect.


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Harbour Breakwater Works