VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

Marsh Replenishment Works

29 October 2018


Mariners are advised that with effect from Thursday 1st November 2018, marsh replenishment works will commence within ‘Boiler Marsh’ bay to the east of the Lymington River entrance. 

The plan below shows the location of the replenishment works (purple shading). Silt dredged from the Lymington River will be transported to the replenishment site by bottom dump hopper barges. The barges will navigate into the receiving area as far as their draft allows on a HWS tide and discharge their load working from North to South.


The entrance to the disposal area will be marked by two yellow ‘special mark’ buoys located at the following co-ordinates:-

Western Buoy Eastern Buoy
Latitude: 050⁰ 44.677 N Latitude: 050⁰ 44.745 N
Longitude: 001⁰ 30.442 W Longitude: 001⁰ 30.197 W

Mariners should not navigate north of a transit (shown as a broken yellow line) taken between the two special marks.


Ryan Willegers

Harbour Master


29th October 2018


Marsh Replenishment Works