VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

Berthing & Facilities


Lymington welcomes over 20,000 visiting craft each year and has a wide range of berths and amenities suitable for yacht racing events, or rallies, and also cater to the needs of the cruising sailor and power boater.

Mooring Up

There is a wide choice of sheltered berths and river moorings available both in the harbour. The Lymington Harbour Map gives an overview of all Lymington Harbour run mooring options and amenities. In addition two private marinas have full service facilities for visiting craft, namely Berthon Lymington Marina and Lymington Yacht Haven.

Dues and Charges applying to berths and moorings run by Lymington Harbour are shown in this section.

Harbour Facilities

Lymington Harbour has a wide range of supporting facilities and services provided
through Lymington Harbour Commission, boatyards, marinas, and marine services
operators. There are also several local chandleries.

More information on moorings, berths and facilities can be found in the other Berthing & Facilities sections.