VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

Section 6: Commissioners Property

6.1 Right to sell: No person shall without the prior written consent of the Commissioners sell, attempt to sell or otherwise offer for sale any article or service on Commissioners property. This shall not restrict the owner of a boat from seeking to sell his boat, including the placing of a discreet “For Sale” notice on his boat at its mooring.

6.2 Advertising: No person shall place any advertisement or other notice on the Commissioners property except with the Commissioners prior written consent, and then only in the agreed location, form and manner.

6.3 Garbage and waste: Garbage and Waste are to be deposited at recognised waste reception facilities only.

6.4 Abandoned vessels: No person is to abandon an unseaworthy vessel either in the Harbour or on Commissioners property. If such vessel is not removed within seven days on demand of the Harbour Master it may be removed and disposed of by the Harbour Master. Any costs reasonably incurred in removing and disposing of the vessel shall be payable by the owner and may be recouped from the proceeds of the sale by the Harbour Master before passing any balance of funds to the owner.

6.5 Damaging property: No person shall trespass on, damage, or interfere with any light, beacon, sea mark, navigational buoy or mark, racing buoy, tide pole or any advertisement, banner or other form of notice within the Harbour.

6.6 Carriage of fuel: No person shall carry or store or cause to be carried or stored on any vessel within the Harbour any petrol or other inflammable fuel or inflammable gas in any receptacle other than a receptacle specifically constructed for the purpose of carrying or storing the petrol, fuel or gas and originally intended by the manufacturer of the receptacle for the purpose.

6.7 No person shall

(a) Except with the permission of the Commissioners, deposit or place on any part of the harbour premises any goods, material or equipment, or park any vehicle so as to obstruct any road, building, mooring place, quay, slipway, plant, machinery or apparatus, or the access thereto; or

(b) without lawful authority, use, work or move any plant, machinery, equipment or apparatus at the harbour premises.

(c) Except with the permission of the Commissioners leave any material, goods, or equipment on the harbour premises.

6.8 Safe Driving of Vehicles: No person shall drive or otherwise operate a vehicle in the harbour premises without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the harbour premises.

6.9 Supervision of vehicles: A person having charge of a vehicle in the harbour premises shall at all times comply with any directions of the Commissioners with respect to the loading, discharging, manoeuvring and removal thereof, and shall not, without the permission of the Commissioners:-

(a) leave the vehicle unattended anywhere within the harbour premises/dock estate; or

(b) take it into any shed or working area.

6.10 Vehicle accidents to be reported: Any person driving or otherwise operating a vehicle involved in an accident on the harbour premises whereby any injury is caused to any person, or any damage is caused to any property, shall stop the vehicle and report the accident to the Commissioners, and give his name, address and details of his motor insurance to the Commissioners.