COVID-19: Harbour Restrictions (Leisure Vessels)

On Monday 4th January, the Prime Minister announced a new national lockdown to counter the steep rise in coronavirus (Covid-19) infections in England. The new restrictions become law on Wednesday 6th January, but should be adhered to with immediate effect.

More information about what is and isn't allowed is available on the government’s website.

Government guidance does not provide absolute clarity as to every activity that may or may not be undertaken during this significant phase of the health crisis. Lymington Harbour Commissioners urge the utmost caution when considering whether outdoor activities are permissible. LHC will continue to liaise with industry bodies including the British Ports Association, British Marine and the Royal Yachting Association who are trying to obtain further information on what the new regulations fully mean for boating activities. If further guidance is made available, LHC will provide an update.

In the meantime, we can confirm the following applies to harbour-related activities:-

  • No-one may leave their home unless it is necessary to do so, and then only for a permissible reason.
  • People should minimise time spent outside their home. It is against the law to meet socially with family or friends unless they are part of an individual’s household or support bubble.
  • People may leave their home to exercise, but may not do so for the purpose of recreation or leisure.
  • Legitimate exercise is permissible with only one person from outside their household, and then only where social distancing is practiced.
  • Exercise should be limited to once per day, and individuals should not travel outside their local area.
  • When around other people, individuals should stay two metres apart from anyone not in their household - meaning the people they live with - or their support bubble.
  • Where this isn’t possible, they should stay one metre apart with extra precautions (such as wearing a face covering).
  • Organised outdoor sport for disabled people is allowed to continue.

LHC visitor moorings are closed until further notice.

When considering if you can visit your boat on Lymington Harbour Commission moorings, or launch a boat, dinghy, kayak, canoe or paddleboard on the Bath Road slipway, you must consider it in the context of the regulations and guidance as a whole. We are unable to advise you.

Until further clarification is received, and in order to comply with the intention of the regulations, we urge all harbour users to stay away other than to arrange periodic checks of their vessels, lines and fendering arrangements to a degree reasonably necessary to safeguard their vessel. Such checks should be kept to a minimum and the mooring holder must comply with all Government regulations and guidance on COVID-19, including social distancing, at all times.

During the period of lockdown, we will undertake extra security patrols and visual inspections of all berths and moorings to check that boats remain secure and that there are no obvious problems. In doing so, we do not accept any additional liability beyond that contained in our standard Terms and Conditions. This is an additional service we will provide free of charge in order to assist berth holders at this very difficult time.

The Harbour Office remains closed with most of our administration team working from home unless absolutely essential. We would be grateful if non-urgent enquiries can be made through email at


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