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Dredge Licence Applications

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) are responsible for the licencing of dredging in the UK; there have been a number of recent changes to the licencing requirements set by the MMO.

Lymington Harbour Commission will work with harbour users and statutory authorities to ensure that the balance between the use of the estuary and its environment is maintained. One way in which we are doing this is through the development of the Lymington River Baseline Document under the Conservation Assessment Protocol on maintenance dredging and the Habitats Regulations (2010).

The purpose of the Baseline Document is to record the current state of knowledge of dredging activities in a particular estuary/harbour, thus allowing an evaluation of the relationship between the maintenance dredging activities and the current condition of Natura 2000 sites to be made in order to demonstrate a sustainable approach to dredging.

The development of a Baseline Document also aims to streamline the maintenance dredging licencing process within European sites.

Dredging licence applications advertised for consultation are published in the Lymington Times and New Milton Advertiser.