Notice is hereby given that from Monday 2nd November 2020, maintenance dredging works will commence in the Lymington River. Works are expected to continue until the 30th April 2021.

Dredging areas this season will include:-

  • The Dan Bran & Harbour Master Pontoon area
  • Lymington Yacht Haven
  • Berthon Marina.

In addition, subject to survey, there may be a limited amount of dredging in Long Reach at the channel margins.

The Dredging Barges ZH33 (Operator – Lymington Yacht Haven), and G63 (Operator – Berthon Boat Company) will be undertaking the works and shall maintain a listening watch on VHF12/16.

All mariners/harbour users are requested to pass the works operation with caution and at a speed consistent with safe navigation and minimal wash. Dredging platforms may be left on station overnight if outside of the navigation channel and appropriately lit.

This notice will self-cancel on the 1st May 2021

Ryan Willegers
Harbour Master

Issued: 2nd October 2020

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