Mooring Works to start at Town Quay

Works to reconfigure the Town Quay mooring area will start on Monday 4th November. The works will:-

  • Meet the changing market demand for visitor walk ashore berths thus ensuring that the Town Quay area continues to be a vibrant and successful tourist destination. The proposal will more than double the number of walk ashore berths from 19 to 46.
  • Increase the number of visitors to Lymington by boat thus boosting business to local shops, restaurants, pubs and the Saturday market.
  • Offer the unique prospect of holding major events at Town Quay that will appeal to event participants, local businesses, and local people.
  • Offer a choice between visitor walk ashore berths with power and water, and river moorings.
  • Improve safety by widening the navigation fairway and enlarging the turning areas opposite the commercial quay and the Berthon boatyard.
  • Relocate the 17 commercial fishing boat berths upstream to new pontoon berths located on the southern side of the railway bridge to be nearer the commercial quay and provide better segregation between commercial and leisure boat activities.
  • Relocate 43 small boat leisure moorings for local residents to a new finger pontoon (25) or new fore and aft moorings (18).
  • Relocate the commercial boat landing to be closer to the slipway thereby giving better visibility to potential customers of the services offered. The commercial landing will also be lengthened to accommodate two boats at the same time.

The works which are being undertaken by Walcon Marine will be completed by the 31st January 2020.

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