VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

Section 1: Preliminary

1.1 Ability to make General Directions: These General Directions may be cited as the Lymington Harbour General Directions [2014] (and are referred to as “the General Directions”). The General Directions are made pursuant to and may be amended from time to time by the Lymington Harbour Commissioners in the manner set out in The Lymington Harbour Revision Order [2014] (“the HRO”).

1. 2 In force from: These General Directions come into operation on 1st November 2014.

1. 3 Application: General Directions are rules issued by the Commissioners and they apply to all Harbour users within Lymington Harbour Commissioners’ jurisdiction and/or on any of the Commissioners’ property and, unless otherwise stated in the Direction, shall apply to:

(a) all vessels or to a class of vessels;

(b) all persons;

(c) to the whole of the harbour; and

(d) at all times

1.4 Special Direction: A Special Direction made pursuant to the HRO will normally be an oral instruction to one or more harbour users requiring immediate action.

1.5 Priority: In the event of any conflict arising between the provisions of these General Directions, the Byelaws, any mooring licences issued by the Lymington Harbour Commissioners and any Special Directions:

(a) Special Directions shall take precedence over all others;

(b) General Directions shall take precedence over the Byelaws and any Mooring Licence.

1.6. Harbour Limits: The plan contained in Schedule 1 of these Directions is for identification purposes only. In the event of any conflict between the definition of the Harbour and the plan, the definition shall take precedence.