VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

Slipway Safety


Our slipway at the Bath Road car park provides an ideal launching base from which to explore the Solent and the surrounding area. Before use please pay the launching fee at the Harbour Office or to Harbour Staff.

The slipway can get busy at times and for the safety and enjoyment of everyone it is important that a few simple rules are followed.


Before Launching

  • Check weather & tidal conditions
  • Do not block access - rig your boat away from the slipway
  • Assess the risks such as slips, trips and falls
  • Be aware of other users of the slipway and pedestrians
  • Attach a safety line to your trailer
  • Check any bungs are in place
  • Never stand behind a boat whilst it is being launched or recovered
  • Check the trailer and boat are safely secure


  • Know where the end of the slipway is
  • Be aware of people around you including people launching boats by hand
  • Tie up your boat securely
  • Remove your car, trailer or hand trailer correctly 

The slipway is used to launch the RNLI Lifeboat. Respect hatched areas. No trolleys to be left on the slipway - please use designated areas adjacent to the slipway. No trolleys to be left below the high water mark. 


BEWARE – slipways can be dangerous!