Use of Kill Cords in Powered Craft

Number 4 of 2013

Following a fatal incident involving the ejection of a family of six from an 8m RHIB the MAIB have issued a safety bulletin drawing attention to the proper use of kill cords on powered craft, reproduced as follows:

The kill cord serves only one purpose, to stop the engine when the driver moves away from the controls. To ensure that this tragic accident is not repeated it is essential that all owners and operators of vessels fitted with kill cords:

Test them regularly to ensure that the engine stops when the kill cord mechanism is operated.
Make sure that the cord is in good condition.

Always attach the cord securely to the driver, ideally before the engine is started, but certainly before the boat is put in gear.

Stop the engine before transferring the kill cord to another driver.

The full MAIB Safety Bulletin and further information regarding the use of kill cords can be found at:

This notice supersedes LNTM 03/2013 which is now cancelled.

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