Vessel Movements in Restricted Visibility in Lymington River

Number 5 of 2018

Notice is hereby given that all vessels, including leisure vessels, are strongly advised not to depart their berths if visibility is less than one cable (0.1nm / 185.2m).

Vessels may proceed at the Master’s discretion but are advised to do so with extreme caution, taking into account the tidal conditions, other traffic in the vicinity, how their vessel may appear to other traffic and the availability of suitable aids to navigation including operational radar.

Small boats are to avoid the possibility of hampering larger vessels, which are navigating with the use of radar, and can only operate safely within the confines of the channel.

When operating in restricted visibility vessels must proceed at a safe speed, sound appropriate fog signals and display navigational lights

R. Willegers

Harbour Master

Issued: 17th December 2018

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