VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)


Free Wi-Fi internet access is available at the Town Quay and Dan Bran pontoon visitor moorings.

When you first visit a Lymington Harbour Hotspot there is an authentication process to follow. Simply follow the steps below to register or login...


Mobile Devices 


1. Check your WiFi is on by selecting 'Settings' from the home screen and selecting 'Wi-Fi'.

2. If you are in coverage of a Lymington Harbour Hotspot you will see “LHC-Visitor” in the list of available networks, select this SSID to connect.


3. Now return to the home screen and select 'Safari', ‘Chrome’ or ‘internet’. You will see the Lymington Harbour landing page. If you don't, please click to refresh the page.

4. Enter your name and email address and password (available from harbour staff) when prompted. Tick to say you accept the terms of the user agreement then click on the “Login to Hotspot” button and you will be able to browse the web for up to 2 hours. If you need longer, just repeat the log in process.

Connecting Windows


Click on the wireless icon on the right hand side at the bottom of your device. 


Select 'LHC-Visitor' and click connect.


A box will appear to show that you are being connected to LHC-Visitor.


Once you have connected, open your web browser and the landing page will appear (above). Simply fill in your details and the password (available from harbour staff) when promted and click on the "Login to Hotspot" button to browse the web. Should the landing page not appear please try browsing to a site like www.bbc.co.uk.

(Wi-Fi signal subject to atmospheric conditions. Download limits apply)