VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

Board of Commissioners


Lymington Harbour Commission (LHC) is the statutory harbour authority for Lymington Harbour. An independent Board of 10 Commissioners governs LHC with day-to-day management delegated to the Harbour Master/Chief Executive.




The Commissioners are appointed for a term of three years and can normally serve for two terms. A maximum of two additional Commissioners can be co-opted at any one time for specific purposes and serve for a period of 12 months.

The Chief Executive and the Commissioners carry out a periodic review of the professional skills and experience requirements necessary to meet the changing demands of the Commission. This agreed list of skills and experience requirements is then compared against the existing balance of skills, experience and portfolio responsibilities of the current Board before agreeing any re-appointment of a Commissioner or before advertising for a new appointment.

Each Commissioner appointment is made after a competitive selection process based on the agreed skills and experience post description. The Commissioner selection panel of four comprises the Chairman of LHC, a further Commissioner; the Chairman of the Harbour Advisory Group and an independent member. The Commissioners’ positions are voluntary and they have agreed not to receive remuneration.