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Working Committees

This section sets out the overall terms of reference of the ‘portfolio’ sub-committees of the Lymington Harbour Commissioners (LHC).

In most cases the Harbour Master/Chief Executive will attend meetings of sub-committees and on two committees – Moorings and Safety - the Operations Manager and other Officers also sit as of right. The Treasurer attends the Finance Committee meeting.

Only the Safety, Finance and Mooring committees have a routine calendar of meetings. The other committees meet as required. The Safety Committee meets in January, May and September. The Finance Committee meets twice a year in August and October. The Mooring Committee meets once a year in November.


The Finance Committee advises the Commissioners and the Treasurer on the preparation of LHC’s Annual Report and Accounts and on the audit process. It is also assists the CEO in the preparation and presentation of the annual budgets. It advises the Commissioners when issues arise which require financial advice such as the procurement of loan finance.


The Moorings Committee has overall supervision of LHC’s stock of moorings and acts as a sounding board for the Officers to test proposals for improvements and for new facilities. Recent examples include power for Dan Bran and the reassignment of some visitors mooring spaces to seasonal sub-lets. Proposals for tariff changes are discussed first at the Moorings Committee as are changes to the terms and conditions and the management of the waiting list.


The Safety Committee has overall responsibility for LHC’s safety policies and practices. It reviews the annual record of incidents and considers recommendations for any improvements to the safety management policies and practices. It is also responsible for the procurement of independent audit and review of LHC's compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code and all other relevant legislation and regulation.

Personnel and Pensions

The Personnel and Pensions Committee prepares proposals for pay and conditions of employment for LHC personnel.


The Environment Committee maintains oversight of LHC's environmental duties.



Working Committees
Finance Moorings Personnel & Pensions Safety Environment Business Development
Bob Mitchell Chair        
Richard Jenner         
Peter Mills   Chair      
Paul Martin        
Geoff Stokes   Chair   
Bill Peach       Chair
Andrew Richards      
Jane Challener
Tim Harford  Chair