VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

Commercial Berths


Lymington Harbour has 18 commercial moorings for fishing boats, and angling charter boats or other compatible vessels up to 11m in length. Moorings are let on an annual basis (renewable) from the 1st April each year.

The waiting list for moorings is open to people who permanently reside within 7 miles of St. Thomas Church, Lymington and who is the owner or majority shareholder (over 50%) of the boat to be moored.

Moorings are allocated from the waiting list with seniority being based on a combination
of time served on the waiting list and boat compatibility with the available mooring.

To download a copy of the waiting list application form and details of the full terms and conditions please click HERE.



We currently have a number of resident moorings available for small motorboats and RIBs (up to 8m). 

Located upstream of the railway bridge, these moorings only suit shallow draft boats. Please note there is restricted access under the railway bridge at high tide.

As most of our moorings have a long waiting list, this is good opportunity to get on the river now while preserving the ability to move to a different mooring later.

Please call 01590 672014 for details.