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call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

What We Do


Lymington Harbour is a Trust Port, which means it has no shareholders or other owners, but is managed for the benefit of its users, or stakeholders. It is run by a Commission of 10 Harbour Commissioners appointed through public selection processes, who give their time on a voluntary basis. The Commissioners appoint a Harbour Master/Chief Executive, to whom day-to-day responsibility for running the harbour and the harbour team is delegated.

Lymington Harbour Commissioners main function is to be the Statutory Harbour Authority for Lymington and to undertake commercial activities, so that it can be self-financing, both of which are explained in more detail below.

As the Commission has no shareholders, any surplus funds raised through its activities are reinvested back into the harbour and its facilities, to the benefit of its harbour users, or stakeholders. Under its enabling legislation Lymington Harbour Commissioners can only generate a level of surplus that it needs to pay for ongoing operations, capital projects (replacement and new) and to provide sufficient reserves for planned future expenditure and to maintain a prudent level of contingency.

To ensure the views of our stakeholders are properly taken into account we have a Harbour Advisory Group, comprised of representatives of our key stakeholder groups, such as yacht clubs, major organisations on the river, the Chamber of Commerce, environmental groups, and representatives of both Town and District Councils.

As a publicly accountable body, the Commission strives to ensure that it maintains proper standards of transparency, accountability, integrity and honesty. You can read more detail about this on our Governance pages.

The Commissioners are always keen to listen to the views of our stakeholders about improvements or projects they would like to see us undertake for the benefit of our harbour users. We are happy to give consideration to those which fall within our remit.

If you have some suggestions or comments, please Contact Us via the Harbour Office, or through your representative on the Harbour Advisory Group.

A summary of the activities Lymington Harbour Commission performs in each of our roles:


• Levying and collecting harbour dues.
• Maintaining an ‘open port’ policy, available to all users including the provision of public landings.
• The safe management of harbour activities, in compliance with the ‘Port Marine Safety Code’.
• Maintaining navigational aids and hydrographic surveys, navigational control, policing and Notices to Mariners.
• Monitoring and working to protect the environment, with a view to conservation.
• Oil pollution control and waste management.
• Conservancy works (to ensure the harbour remains fit for purpose) including harbour protection and dredging works.
• Reviewing and updating harbour legislation.


• Annual licenced moorings; pontoon, pile (fore & aft), and swinging.
• Visitor moorings; pontoon and pile (fore and aft) and supporting shore side facilities (showers/washrooms).
• Slipways.
• Scrubbing grids.