How to apply for a commercial berth

A waiting list applies for applications for commercial berths. The waiting list is open to people who permanently reside within 7 miles (11 miles for commercial fishermen) of St. Thomas Church, Lymington and who own or are the majority shareholder of the boat to be moored.

Berths are allocated from the waiting list with seniority being based on a combination of time served on the waiting list and boat compatibility with the available mooring.

To download a copy of the waiting list application form and details of the full terms and conditions please click the button link below.


Commercial berth charges

Charges apply from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 and include VAT @ 20% and Harbour Dues at £21.85 per metre.

Under 5m £226.84
5m to under 6.5m £332.73
6.5m to under 8m £435.79
8m to under 9.5m £553.13
9.5m to under 11m £675.14
11m to under 12.5m £834.78
12.5m to under 13.5m £1,007.87
13.5m to under 15m £1,179.19

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