Using the public landings

Public landings are intended for pick up/drop off only and are used regularly by a wide range of leisure and commercial users. Please vacate the berth as soon as possible to avoid inconveniencing other mariners. If you would like to moor for longer please check visitor berth availability with harbour staff.

If using the landings for commercial use please click HERE to see the notification requirements and details of charges.

Boats must not be left unattended on the Town Quay landing or within the yellow hatched designated emergency services area at the Harbour Master Pontoon.

Use of the public landings is subject to our Terms and Conditions of use.

Using the public slipway

Lymington Harbour Commissioners operate a slipway from the Bath Road car park which members of the public can use. A charge is made for launching. Pay the harbour staff if present on the slipway, at the adjacent Harbour Office, scan the QR code on the charges sign on the slipway for the payment app or click on the payment button below.

IMPORTANT: Do not launch until payment has been made or the published penalty fee will apply.

For details of slipway launching charges click HERE.

To pay for a slipway launch click HERE.

For information on how to use the slipway safely, please click HERE.

Use of the public slipway is subject to our Terms and Conditions of use.

From time to time it is necessary to introduce temporary slipway closures to allow organised events to launch and recover large numbers of dinghies in safety. When this occurs, typically the slipway will be closed for up to an hour. For a list of planned closures please click HERE.

Find the Bath Road public slipway on the interactive Harbour Map. Click on number 3 for an image and more details.






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