Implementation of Enforcement Policy

Harbour Officers undertake regular patrols throughout the year using clearly identified harbour launches or grey patrol RIB's which may display a blue flashing light when attending an incident.

Officers have the authority of the Harbour Master to give advice and specific directions to skippers of any vessel; you should act on these instructions.

Please keep a close eye on your speed and in particular your wash which may be substantial even when transiting at speeds under the speed limit of 6 knots through the water. Give consideration to other users including those berthed, those in small vessels or tenders.

Our patrols will implement the enforcement policy wherever a breach of the regulations has occurred. Enforcement is based on education or warnings in the first instance, reverting to prosecution for repeat offenders, for offences bringing significant risk of serious injury or loss of life, and for when users threaten or abuse our staff members.

The Lymington Harbour General Directions 2014 are the local rules and regulations to manage safe use of the harbour. They apply in addition to national legislation such as the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea 1972.

All harbour users must comply with the General Directions or other applicable legislation at all times. 

To download a copy of the Lymington Harbour General Directions 2014 or our Enforcement Policy, please click on the relevant button below.

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