VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)

Small Craft Sewage Discharges


The water quality of the Lymington River estuary is extremely important to Lymington Harbour Commission and it is an offence to discharge sewage or other pollutants into the harbour.

The Lymington Harbour General Directions state the following:

5.27 Discharge of oil, garbage or other pollutants: No person is to cause the discharge into the Harbour of any :-

(a) Oil or oily residue.

(b) Garbage, plastics, or foodstuffs.

(c) Other pollutant materials.

In order to assist and encourage recreational boaters to locate and use pump-out facilities within the UK, The Green Blue has compiled a list of pump out facilities divided into regions, giving the location and contact details. The nearest pump out facility is located in the Yacht Haven Marina in Lymington Harbour.