Application of the Port Marine Safety Code

The Port Marine Safety Code also describes the role of Board members, officers and key personnel in relation to safety of navigation and summarises the main statutory duties and powers of harbour authorities. As well as complying with these duties and powers, a harbour authority must develop an effective marine safety management system based on formal risk assessment. When fully implemented, the Code should reduce the risk of incidents occurring in harbour waters.

Lymington Harbour Commission (LHC) sets out its comprehensive policies and procedures for managing safety in compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code in its Marine Safety Management Plan.

In line with the recommendations of the Code, LHC policy is to appoint an independent ‘Designated Person’ to undertake a formal annual audit (April) of LHC's compliance with the Code.  

With effect from the 1st November 2019, LHC have appointed ABPmer (Marine Consultancy) to provided 'Designated Person' services for a three year period. Montgomery Smedley (Principle Marine Consultant- ABPmer) will act in the capacity of Designated Person.

Following the annual audit the Designated Person produces a report for the Board of Commissioners setting out the findings of the audit together with a statement of compliance with the Code.

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