Slipway Safety

Lymington Harbour operate a slipway from the Bath Road car park which members of the public can use.

Slipways can be dangerous with the biggest risks being associated with runaway vehicles or trailers vehicles that have not been secured properly hitting pedestrians crossing the slipway or launching smaller boats by hand. Similar risks apply where boats can slide off the trailer if not properly secured.

There are also blind spots as drivers reverse over the crest of the slipway so great care should be taken to check that there are no pedestrians behind, before reversing.

To help you launch your vehicle safely, and to keep the slipway uncongested and available for emergency launches of the RNLI lifeboat, we have produced guidance which we expect users to comply with. To view or print, please click on the button below.

Please note Personal Water Craft are not permitted to operate within Lymington Harbour Limits.

Defibrillator located on the Town Quay Visitor Pontoon and at the Harbour Office.

From time to time it is necessary to introduce temporary slipway closures to allow organised events to launch and recover large numbers of dinghies in safety. When this occurs, typically the slipway will be closed for up to an hour. For a list of planned closures please click on the button below.

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