VHF Channel 66
call sign, Lymington Harbour (office hours)



Lymington Harbour Commissioners (LHC) is designated a Competent Harbour Authority (CHA) under the provisions of the Pilotage Act 1987. Under sections 2(1) and 2(2) of the Act, CHA’s are required to keep under consideration:

  • Whether any, and if so, what pilotage services need to be provided to secure the safety of ships navigating in or in the approaches to its harbour; and
  • Whether, in the interests of safety, pilotage should be compulsory for ships navigating in any part of that harbour or its approaches. If so, for which ships under which circumstances and what pilotage services need to be provided for those ships.

Since 1987 LHC has assessed that there is not a requirement for a Pilotage service in Lymington Harbour. The most recent review was conducted in May 2015. A copy of LHC’s full Pilotage Policy can be viewed in the Marine Safety Plan.

On request LHC will provide a Harbour Patrol to ‘guide’ vessels compatible with navigation in Lymington Harbour on the river passage.