Notice is hereby given that under the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions, Lymington Harbour Commissioners will be providing the following berth services and facilities to visiting boats. Please check directly with Lymington Yacht Haven and Lymington Marina concerning the services they are providing.

Overnight and Short Stay Visits
We have reduced availability for short stay and overnight visits on our Town Quay and Dan Bran visitor pontoons. Berths must be booked in advance through the Harbour Office on 01590 672014 or Channel 66. We strongly advise against arriving without a booking due to the limited availability.

Rafting of Vessels (Safe Rafting Protocol)
Due to the layout and capacity of some of our pontoon facilities, it may be necessary to raft. Bookings are accepted on the basis that customers agree to raft if requested and agree to follow this Safe Rafting Protocol. Initially we will be limiting rafting to keep numbers lower while we assess operations during the first few weeks. In the case of rallies we have published separate guidance.

Where practical, social distancing will be achieved by rafting vessels together bow to stern, starboard side to starboard side or port side to port side which will alternate cockpit arrangements. See Fig 1.

Skippers are required to supply and use hand sanitiser before touching any surface of a rafted vessel during docking, embarkation and disembarkation and clean touched surfaces immediately after this process.

It is recommended that the beam of the boat is the point of embarkation and disembarkation to/from the pontoon and access over the rafted vessel is taken via the bow as is the standard etiquette. As always please discuss these arrangements with the skipper of the vessel/s that you and your crew are boarding beforehand to establish a mutually acceptable agreement.

Fig 1

Shower and Toilet Facilities
It is recommended that visitors use the wash facilities onboard their own boats wherever possible.

Visitors to the Dan Bran pontoon will not have access to the Lymington Town Sailing Club washroom/shower facilities which will remain closed until further notice. There are public toilets adjacent to the Lymington Town Sailing Club which are open from 08.00 to 19.00 each day and an enhanced cleaning regime is in place. Visitors to the Dan Bran pontoon are welcome to use our Town Quay washroom facilities (10 minute walk).

Our visitor washroom/shower facilities at Town Quay will be open. Access to the individual cubicles is via a short communal area and we ask that customers avoid passing in this area by waiting outside if someone is leaving or using a sink and if necessary, use a face covering. A hand sanitiser station is provided inside the communal area and we ask that customers sanitise their hands before using the facilities, and on leaving.

An enhanced cleaning regime is in place. During cleaning periods, the washrooms will be closed for approximately 45 minutes and we ask for your patience while cleaning is taking place.

A PIN Code is required to gain access and this can be obtained by contacting the Harbour Office or from harbour patrol staff.

General Safety
Please be mindful that our staff are working through these challenging times for your benefit. Please support them by following all Covid-19 Government and Harbour guidance, be socially responsible whilst on Harbour property and in the town, adhere to the signage in and around the Harbour, and comply with Government social distancing guidance. Wear your own face covering where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Ensure that you have your own supply of hand sanitiser or adequate cleansing products. The Harbour will maintain hand sanitising stations in the Harbour reception, at the entry gates to pontoons and in the Town Quay shower facility.

This Notice Cancels LNTM No 2/2020

Ryan Willegers
Harbour Master & Chief Executive
Issued: 2nd July 2020

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