Project STORM - Marine Security

Having spent a lot of money buying and maintaining a boat or other form of marine craft, the last thing you want is to be a victim of crime. The Marine Police Unit have produced an advice guide - Project STORM - to keep you and your vessel secure and safe. 

When thinking of marine security always think STORM.

S - Security - physical security measures

T - Track - property marking and tracking systems

O - Observe - keep an eye on your marina / sailing club

R - Report - report suspicious activity

M - Monitor - monitor at all times - CCTV and alarms

For further guidance on Project Storm and marine security see the leaflet produced by the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives.


Project KRAKEN

Project Kraken is a national initiative to increase public awareness of terrorism and criminal or suspicious activity at marinas, moorings or on water.

For more details about Project KRAKEN click here.


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