Recovering vessels onto trailer using slipway

Number 5 of 2013

It has been noted that some mariners using the slipway to recover vessels onto road trailers are using a method to do so which is neither safe nor recognised as best practice.

Mariners should not try to drive their vessels fully onto the trailer using excessive engine revs, and then maintain this thrust whilst they leave the vessel and secure their boat.

This leaves the controls unattended and the revolving propeller unguarded, whilst others attempt to use the slipway around it. In addition to the danger posed to others, this practice contributes to the deterioration of the slipway surface.

Boats should be gently presented to the trailer cradle, the engine switched off and the winch used to make final adjustments to proper seating.

Harbour Staff are instructed to prevent hazardous and inappropriate use of the slipway, and will advise mariners if required.

R. Willegers

Harbour Master

Issued: 5th June 2013

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