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What We Do


Lymington Harbour is an independent Trust Port constituted by Act of Parliament in 1951. It has no shareholders or other owners, but is managed for the benefit of its users, or stakeholders.

Lymington Harbour Commissioners (LHC) is the Statutory Harbour Authority for Lymington Harbour. It also provides a number of commercial services such as moorings.

The harbour is governed by an independent Board of 10 Harbour Commissioners appointed on merit following an open recruitment process to provide the professional skills and expertise to determine the policy and business decisions of the organisation. The Commissioners appoint a Harbour Master/Chief Executive, to whom day-to-day responsibility for running the harbour is delegated. Apart from the Harbour Master/Chief Executive, the Board of Commissioners receive no remuneration.

As the Commission has no shareholders, any financial surplus is reinvested back into the development of the harbour for the benefit of harbour users and local stakeholders. Under its enabling legislation Lymington Harbour Commissioners can only generate a level of surplus that it needs to pay for ongoing operations, capital projects (replacement and new) and to provide sufficient reserves for planned future expenditure and to maintain a prudent level of contingency.

To ensure the views of our stakeholders are properly taken into account, under our constitution we have a Harbour Advisory Group, comprised of representatives of our key stakeholder groups, such as major organisations on the river, sailing clubs, the Chamber of Commerce, environmental groups, and representatives of both Town and District Councils.

As a publicly accountable body, the Commission strives to ensure that it maintains proper standards of transparency, accountability and integrity through compliance with the Governments Ports Good Governance Guidance (2018). Further information can be found on our Governance pages.

The Commissioners are always happy to give consideration to ideas from our stakeholders about projects or improvements they feel would benefit harbour users. If you have some suggestions or comments, then please Contact Us via the Harbour Office, or through your representative on the Harbour Advisory Group.

A summary of the activities Lymington Harbour Commission performs in our role as a Statutory Harbour Authority is given below:

• To levy and collect harbour dues.

• To maintain an ‘open port’ policy to all users including the provision of public landings.

• The safe management of harbour activities through the implementation of a safety management system in compliance with the ‘Port Marine Safety Code’.

• Conservancy works (to ensure the harbour remains fit for purpose) including harbour protection, dredging works, maintaining aids to navigation, undertaking and publishing hydrographic surveys.

• Exercising navigational control, enforcement.Incident reporting and investigation.

• Notices to Mariners.

• Conducting activities and operations in an environmentally sustainable and responsible way.

• Pollution control and waste management.

• Reviewing and updating harbour legislation.

A summary of the commercial services Lymington Harbour Commission provides is given below:

• Provision of pontoon, pile, and swinging mooring facilities for local residents and visitors.

• Provision of supporting supporting shore side facilities (showers/washrooms/waste disposal).

• Provision of slipway for launching and recovery of small vessels.

• Provision of scrubbing grids for hull maintenance.